Is your plated piece looking dull?

Need some touch up work done to bring out the true shine?


Send in your part or parts and we will have them looking as good as new in no time!

Copper        Plating

Once your parts arrive we will inspect them to determine what it will take to meet your expectations.  Your parts are stripped down to the bare metal.  Then the polishing begins until your part has no impurities.  A cleaning process is started to assure the surface is spotless.  Then the part is copper plated and buffed to a shiny perfection.  

Examples of copper plating projects: motorcycle parts, jewelry, door knobs, latches, and car parts.


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Nickel       Plating

All the steps in copper plating are completed first.  They are wired and racked and cleaned again.  Nickel plating provides a deep luster to your parts without the shiny coating.

Examples of nickel plating projects: gun parts, plates, jewelry trays

Chrome         Plating

Chrome Plating involves all the steps of copper and nickel plating.  The last step of chrome plating puts a very shiny coating on your items that will prevent your part from tarnishing.  Following the trip process of copper, nickel and chrome plating will give all your parts a show quality shine!

Examples of chrome plating projects: automotive parts, motorcycle parts, plumbing fixtures, anything that doesn't melt.

Smitty's offers a wide range of plating services to meet your project needs!

Pot Metals

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, not to many plating companys can say they plate pot metals but we still do! We will take your dull parts, plate them and bring out the true shine!



Gold Plating involves all the steps of copper and nickel plating. It is very similar to chrome plating only using 24k gold. That's right! 24k gold.

Examples of Gold plating projects: Jewlerey, Emblems, Juke box parts, retirement gifts, and various car parts.