About our process

​​​Smitty's chrome plating does everything to concours quality.  Our turn around time is generally around 2 months but we work hard to work with your turn around needs.
All of the parts come in to the shop and get inventoried, then when we start the part it goes through many steps. First it gets stripped clean, then bead blasted to make sure everything is off of the part. After the part is bare it is then sanded to get it smooth and get all the imperfections out.  The next step is copper plating, once the part is coppered multiple times it gets buffed out to a mirror finish, then it proceeds to the nickel station and on to the chrome tank.   
Chrome plating is a lot like body work and takes time to get it just right.  But once it is done we guarantee you will be amazed!   

  Smitty's Chrome Plating is a locally owned, family run business that was established in 1990 by founder Warren "Smitty" Smith.  Smitty's is now currently owned and operated by Kevin and Dena Klockman, who recently purchased the chrome shop in October of 2013. At Smitty's we strive to enhance the look and value of your automobiles and motorcycles with a top quality restoration you can be proud of. We still do it the "old fashion" way, by applying a copper base coat to all of our products. We pride ourselves as one of the few shops around that still plates pot metal. Every part is hand stripped and polished to ensure that you receive nothing less than pure perfection. 



Smitty's Chrome PlatingEst. 1990

Smitty's Chrome Plating Motorcycle Restoration

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"If it don't shine, it ain't mine!"

- Warren "Smitty" Smith -