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Ready to Order?

Once you have received your initial estimate and are ready to submit your order, simply download the order form below. Please ensure the order form is completely filled out and send the completed form with your parts.

*All dates and estimates are subject to change until Smitty's Chrome Shop has received and inspected the part(s) for your project. 

We do not do car or truck wheels. We will do motorcycle wheels.


Shipping Address:

Smitty's Chrome Shop

304 Avenue E, Oshkosh, NE 69154, United States P.O. Box 490


Additional Shipping Information:

  • Include completed Order Form in packaging

  • Place small parts in a plastic bag to ensure they don't get lost in transit

  • Padding! Add extra padding to ensure no damage occurs during shipping

If you have additional questions regarding shipping your parts give us a call at (308) 772-4301.

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