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At Smitty's Chrome Shop, we strive to provide show quality products that will enhance both the look and value of your automobiles and motorcycles.


We still do things the old fashioned way, starting each restoration with a copper base. Smitty's Chrome Shop is one of the few shops still does pot metal, and we're damn proud of that.  


Many popular motorcycle parts are in stock and ready to ship, you can buy outright or provide a core to save you money. We do chrome, copper, nickel, and gold plating.

We proudly offer a wide range of plating services to meet your project needs! 

Chrome Plating

At Smitty's Chrome Shop, we specialize in providing Show Quality or Concourse Ready Chrome. So if you're looking to restore the bumper for your classic car, parts for your motorcycle, or refurbishing that old school vending machine we've got you covered. 

We take extreme pride in all of our products, but our chroming process is our bread and butter. With our 30+ years of experience, we know each part is unique. That's why developed our detailed multi-step process to ensure your end up with a concourse quality chrome product you'll love. 

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Smitty's Copper Plating Services Home Wi

Copper Plating

Once your parts arrive Smitty's will inspect them to determine what it will take to meet your expectations. Your part(s) are then stripped down to the bare metal. Next, the polishing begins until your part has no impurities. After polishing, a cleaning process is started to assure the surface is spotless. Finally, your part is copper plated and buffed to a shiny perfection.  


Examples of copper plating projects: motorcycle parts, jewelry, door knobs, latches, and car parts.

Nickel Plating

For Nickel Plating, we first complete all the same steps as copper plating. Then your parts are wired, racked and thoroughly cleaned again. Nickel plating provides a deep luster to your parts without the shiny coating.


Examples of nickel plating projects: gun parts, plates, jewelry trays.

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Gold Plating

Gold Plating involves all of the same the steps used for copper and nickel plating. Our gold plating process is very similar to chrome plating, the only difference is your product is plated using 24k gold. That's right! 24k gold.


Examples of Gold Plating projects: Jewelry, emblems, juke box parts, retirement gifts, and various car parts.

Pot Metals

That's right ladies and gents, you read that correctly. There aren't many plating companies still around that can plate pot metals, but we still do! 


Smitty's is the number one place for pot metal restoration - we are the Pot Metal specialists. We take your dull, chipped, or cracked parts and plate them. Ensuring your part shines like new again.  


If you need a pot metal piece restored, we can handle it. From hood ornaments, car grills, to dash trims and more, you'll have a show quality product to be proud of.

Smitty Polishing Services Home

Polishing & Straightening

Have a plated piece that is looking dull or needing some touch up work to bring out that true shine?


Smitty's offers Stainless Steel Straightening and Polishing. Our process will bring your piece back to life - making it look just like chrome!

Send your part(s) in and our team will have them looking good as new in now time.

Projects We Work On 

While it's hard for us to list every single project or part we can work on, below are some examples of the types of work we typically see come through our shop. 

  • Cars / Trucks

  • Motorcycles

  • Vending Machines

  • Juke Boxes

  • Gas Pumps

  • Barbershop Chairs

  • Wood Stoves

  • Household Furniture

  • Boat Parts

  • Airplane Parts

  • Antiques

  • Tools

We do not work on car or truck wheels. We will do work on motorcycle wheels.

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